What Can Acupuncture Cure?

Acupuncturists are reluctant to give a specific answer to this question. The reason is that each patient is unique, with distinct needs. To say that acupuncture can cure a given ailment for all people would be both inappropriate and untrue.

What can be said is that acupuncture is widely known to relieve pain, and the effects of acupuncture include improved health for those suffering with chronic illness.

Traditional acupuncture does not separate the mind and the body, and looks at the person as a whole. When the acupuncturist attends to underlying problems, symptoms often disappear. To use a simple example, aspirin addresses a mild headache by masking the pain. Over time, the headache abates by itself, regardless of the aspirin. Acupuncture, by contrast, addresses the blocked Chi that caused the headache. With the source of the headache removed, the pain vanishes.

Acupuncture works preventively as well, and may be helpful whether you have a major health issue or are in good health and are interested in personal growth and health maintenance.

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